Deaf Mosaic

Deaf Mosaic

5 Episodes

This is an Emmy-winning television magazine series hosted by Gil Eastman and Mary Lou Novitsky. This series provides interesting and important insights into Deaf history and culture and features stories around the country and the world

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Deaf Mosaic
  • Deaf Mosaic 601

    Episode 1

    Featured are the World Games for the Deaf in Banff, a deaf bicycle club, Merrill Lynch's deaf services, a deaf architect, and an airport paging system for deaf travelers.

  • Deaf Mosaic 602

    Episode 2

    Stories include 911 accessibility, deaf mapmakers, a model railroad train builder, WW II deaf military schools, and deaf rodeo stars.

  • Deaf Mosaic 603

    Episode 3

    Stories include the National Association of the Deaf financial crisis, drug and alcohol abuse, actor Richard Dysart, deaf astronomer Richard Goodricke, and animator Mark Fisher.

  • Deaf Mosaic 610

    Episode 4

    Viewers are taken to Costa Rica and see the 50th anniversary of deaf education at the University of Costa Rica and Taras, a town with a large hereditary deaf population.

  • Deaf Mosaic 701

    Episode 5

    Coverage is presented of the 12th Winter World Games for the Deaf in Banff, Canada, where over 300 athletes from 16 countries compete for medals.