Deaf Perspective

Deaf Perspective

4 Episodes

This showcase series presents various short films and special television programs of interest to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing community.

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Deaf Perspective
  • Deaf Perspective 28

    Episode 1

    An entertaining special spotlighting four hard of hearing magicians is presented in a "Handful Of Magic".

  • Deaf Perspective Trade Show 29

    Episode 2

    An informative visit to a large Deaf and Hard of Hearing trade show is featured in "Deaf Community At A Crossroad".

  • Deaf Perspective Journey through Texas 38

    Episode 3

    A special presentation of the documentary film "Journey Through Deaf Texas" is featured. The film chronicles the history of Texas Association of the Deaf (TAD) since its inception in 1886 and highlights some of its historic accomplishments that have had an impact on deaf and hard of hearing Texans.

  • Deaf Perspective 039

    Episode 4

    A special presentation of the short film "A Shadow's Resolve" is featured. Middle school age students from Texas School for the Deaf deal with a bully that is out of control.